“Dr. Marshall often seems like more than just my children’s pediatrician, it often feels as if she is another member of our family. She cares for all three of my children as if they were her own. She showers them with love and caring at each and every visit. Dr. Marshall does a fantastic job of always making me feel welcome in her office and comfortable to call her with even the smallest of questions. When we’ve had a sick child she is always genuinely concerned but very reassuring at the same time. Her office staff is also top notch. My decision to have Dr. Marshall be my children’s pediatricians was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

– Andrea Letts





“As parents of three children, we cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Marshall. We love her and our children love her. Her exams are thorough, and we trust her evaluations, clear explanations and opinions. From newborn and beyond, Dr. Marshall has the experience to guide each family and child through the trials and tribulations of childhood and adolescence. She has the perfect personable, patient and kind demeanor one would expect from a pediatrician. Going to the doctor can be a tough experience for any child, but that hasn’t been our experience with Dr. Marshall. She does her best to make patients and parents comfortable and our girls actually want to go to the doctor when they are sick (and not just for the lollipops). We have had two children hospitalized for routine illnesses and through both experiences, Dr. Marshall was constantly checking in and visiting us in the hospital, bringing us not only medical, but emotional support. She did the same thing when our children were first born. When we have an issue, we can call her and she timely returns calls and spends time answering our questions. We have never felt rushed on the phone or during an exam. We have never had a problem getting in to see Dr. Marshall or one of the other excellent doctors in the practice the same day. When she recognizes something out of the ordinary that requires more evaluation, she has referred us to specialized doctors and therapists that have been incredibly talented and helpful. We highly recommend Dr. Marshall. Our girls are our world and we are completely confident in her ability to help guide us as they grow.”

– Jessica & Andrew Jablon



aidansuwarno“Dr. Marshall is an absolutely wonderful doctor. It is so obvious that Dr. Marshall loves the kids and the families she works with. Dr. Marshall takes as much time as needed to help your little one, you never feel like you are being rushed out the door. She answers all your questions in a very thoughtful and helpful way. Dr. Marshall is amazing and we couldn’t imagine having any other doctor for our son. In fact, Dr. Marshall doesn’t work on Thursday, which means that our son doesn’t go to the doctors on Thursdays! Thank you Dr. Marshall for loving our son and us, you are a wonderful addition to our family!”

– Tina, Reno, and Aidan Suwarno







“Six years ago when we first interviewed Dr. Marshall, we knew immediately that she was the pediatrician we wanted. There is no question that we made the right decision. Not only is she caring and nurturing, she is mindful of our needs as parents.”

– Michelle and Tracy Morse-Tobeck







Kaneboys“We’ve been patients of Dr. Marshall for almost 10 years! She has always treated us with utmost care and respect. She’s seen us through thick and thin! All 3 of my sons love her and have a great relationship with her. She is considerate in her approach to treatment and will not medicate unless truly needed. Her office is relaxed, friendly and casual.”

– Suzie Kane










sarid“We have been seeing Dr. Marshall for over 4 years now, since the birth of our first son. She is kind, patient, intelligent and has such a great bedside manner. She never makes us feel rushed and we always feel that are boys are in the best hands! Any question, no matter how serious, or minute, is handled with the utmost attention and care. We made the right choice choosing Dr. Marshall!”

– Noah, Yaron, Elan and Ori Sarid






cohen“Dr. Catherine Marshall has been our pediatrician now for 9 years. I have two daughters 9 and 6 and we have been with her since my oldest daughter was born. Dr. Marshall has a fantastic disposition with children and makes them feel at ease. She was key in identifying a serious condition with my daughter and helping us to find the best solutions. In addition, she has always been available to completely explain and answer all of our questions in simple terms and I have never felt rushed out of her office with unanswered questions. I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a pediatrician.”

– Helene Cohen